How do I care for my K&K item?

Leather is a natural product so to keep it in good condition for years to come, you need to take care of it. Brand new leather can be stiff, so it needs to be conditioned prior to the first use. We recommend a leather conditioner such as Effax Clear Leather Balsam.  Apply the conditioner with a clean soft cloth. Leave it for an hour or two to absorb, then buff off the excess with a clean, dry cloth. now it's ready to use!

Ideally after each use, or at least weekly, you should wipe your leather items down with a damp soft cloth with a small amount of glycerin saddle soap on it. This will remove the sweat, dirt and debris, keeping your leather clean and supple whilst prolonging the life of your bridle / halter. 

Regular conditioning will keep your bridle / halter from drying and cracking. Condition / oil leather items when you feel they're starting to get a bit stiff!